Professional Scrum Master

Taught by Gunther Verheyen
October 21-22, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium

The Professional Scrum Master class covers the formal framework of Scrum, but goes further. Attendants will also be deeply immersed in Scrum’s underlying, empirical thinking and principles to better comprehend Scrum and apply it in their context.

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Participants of a Professional Scrum Master class get insights in the use and application of the Scrum framework. It helps them to focus on value, learning and improving while creating great software products.
This serves as the fundamental basis for an additional focus on the Scrum Master role.
Much of the information is conveyed in team-based exercises.

The training might be interesting to all involved in software development using the Scrum framework, but has been specifically conceived for those responsible within an organization for running or introducing Scrum.

Course topics include:

  • Scrum theory and evolution
  • The Scrum framework: roles, rules and artifacts
  • Scrum tactics
  • Scrum and planning
  • Coaching and facilitation
  • The cultural change introduced by Scrum

Included in the training is a voucher for the online Professional Scrum Master I assessment.

Optimal preparation includes:

Trainer is Gunther Verheyen, director of the Professional Series at