Peter Gfader

Peter Gfader

Location: Zürich Certifications: PSD I, PSDT, PSM I, PSM II
Affiliations: Employee
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Peter hates dislikes crap software and tries his best to improve the profession of software development. That is the reason he joined and that keeps him getting out of bed ever day… and the smell of coffee.

One day, Peter woke up and realized that software development is not only about code, but also about people: From his team mates till the end user. Some people you just give donuts and some you need to give a little bit more. Peter is on a journey to make everyone happy.

If he is not sitting on a mountainbike or playing the trumpet, you might find him at a local user group to hang out with other geeks!


Peter was born in South-Tyrol Italy, studied in Austria, enjoyed 3 beautiful years working in Sydney Australia as a .NET developer for SSW and is now working for Zuehlke Engineering AG.
At SSW Peter was a Solution Architect, ScrumMaster for different clients & Scrum Developer Trainer when we are teaching classes around the world.

Peter blogs about .NET development. On his blog, he covers many aspects of the Microsoft stack including C# development, usability, tips & tricks, best practices, problems and solutions.

He is also an athlete that likes running, mountain biking, rock climbing, and surfing.

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