Martin Hinshelwood

Martin Hinshelwood

Location: Glasgow, Scotland Certifications: PSD I, PSDT, PSM I, PSM II, PSMT
Affiliations: Microsoft Inner Circle Partner, Microsoft MVP
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Martin Hinshelwood has worked with many customers in government, finance, manufacturing, health and technology to help them adopt and improve their use of agile processes and techniques. Martin is a Professional Scrum Trainer as well as a Visual Studio ALM MVP and Visual Studio ALM Ranger. He writes regularly on naked ALM, and speaks often on Scrum, good practices and Visual Studio ALM.


I am an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) specialist, consultant, and trainer. I provide management and technical consulting for companies with software teams that are struggling to deliver continuous value to their customers or that just want to improve that value delivery.

There are different challenges of working with companies that have only a few employees to many thousands and I have experience with both, and everything in between. Although most of my customer base is US based I have worked over the years for customers in UK and Australia and I plan to bring my experience to bare on the European market from September.

My goal is to expose processes and practices to gain transparency, uncover impediments to value delivery and reduce cycle-time as part of your organisations path to agility.

I would love to start a conversation with you to make your company more successful and more competitive wither you are delivering software to your consumers publicly or privately.

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Upcoming Courses by Martin Hinshelwood

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December 3-4 Oslo, Norway Professional Scrum Master