Joshua Partogi

Joshua Partogi

Location: Perth, AU Certifications: PSD I, PSDT, PSM I, PSM II, PSMT, PSPO I, PSPO II
Affiliations: Microsoft Inner Circle Partner
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I make people who are working in silos become a rockstar team. And I also set up a workplace that supports them to become even greater. I make individuals love being part of software development team. I make their customers love working with them. Because I bring joy to software development again. I believe people are the heartbeat of software development hence people need to be treated right. I believe there are great people behind every great software. I believe that high quality code is the primary factor for people to work in sustainable pace.

I believe Scrum is how creative workers should work in 21st century. I also believe that Scrum is only a starting point for organisations to be Agile. As a Professional Scrum Trainer I am not tied to a single approach. I also use other Agile techniques and approaches like eXtreme Programming and Kanban where it is fit for purpose. I constantly find ways to develop better software better and improve the whole enterprise processes.

Throughout my professional years as Professional Scrum Trainer, I have helped organisations developing mission critical software to get the most out of Scrum, from Medical Instruments Company, Airlines Company, Banks, Insurance companies, credit card payment gateway and even companies serving the defence and aerospace markets. Over the years I have helped more than 5000 people from Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Intel, Motorola, IBM, AirAsia, Allianz, Prudential, Siemens, ANZ, Accenture, Conoco Phillips, TOTAL Indonesie, Macquarie Bank to get the most value out of Scrum.

But above all of my achievements, nothing excites me more than seeing people growing and enjoying their work life because my primary goal is to make people happy and grow their potential which in the end will help the organisation their belong succeed.


Joshua is a professional learner. He learns about things that fascinate him the most, anthropology and software development. He is fascinated by human interaction in software development as there are often high-level of stress, miscommunication, misinterpretation, individualism, ignorance, unprofessionalism, wrong perception and wrong expectations in the software industry. He joins to improve the profession of software development. He thinks Agility is not about a single right way of doing things, it is about developing better software better according to the context of the organisation. He learns about Agility by teaching organisations how to be Agile using Scrum, Kanban, XP and anything else that makes sense.

He has helped hundreds of organizations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Vietnam and Thailand to become Leaner and more Agile using Scrum.

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Hear what people say about courses he ran:

Joshua made learning Scrum easy and totally clear that one can walk in and tweak one’s mindset and leave with Scrum enabled mentality. I would totally recommend everyone who are involve in the software development team to attend your Scrum Master course with Joshua. You’ll definitely have great fun learning Scrum with him!
CeLia Lau from Shanghai, China attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was fortunate to have a chance to take Joshua’s Scrum Master course in Seoul, Korea. As a design-centered startup founder who’s worked with many hackers over the years, it was very helpful to finally learn the official Scrum framework. Joshua’s course will give you the taste of the the Scrum way of thinking without spoonfeeding the “right” answers, letting you form your own mental model and your own decisions. I’ll be honest – Scrum is no silver bullet and I may not want to adopt it as-is. But I appreciate that Joshua’s course laid it out well so that I can form my own opinions.
Keywon Chung from Seoul, South Korea attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Seoul, South Korea

Joshua’s passion is not only limited to teaching Scrum but also about helping organizations improve their processes. He certainly demonstrated this to us. His training is informative and really engages user participation. I highly recommend it to organizations who want to embrace Scrum.
Harriet Chua from Cebu, Philippines attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Cebu, Philippines

Joshua is a great Scrum teacher, and also a good trainer. His knowledge I believe came from deep understanding and real life experiences. His perseverance has enlighten me on how to be a good team member and specially an efficient Scrum master. I will be very happy to recommend him to everyone that want to apply scrum into their organization as he is an excellent coach and also trainer.
Tomy Ismail from Jakarta, Indonesia attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joshua is an expert in Scrum and he had delivered very interactive and live presentation during the workshop. He has excellent knowledge in SCRUM and good presentation and coaching skills. Really enjoyed in your workshop. Well Done Joshua.
Zulkefli Mansor from Malaysia attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joshua’s training was very practical and enlightening; it was essential in clearing some misconceptions and doubts I had about the process.
I would really recommend his course to anyone wanting to improve on Scrum practices and understanding of its fundamentals.
Carlos Lima from Brazil attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joshua has spirit as an agent of change for software development industry by implementing Scrum. The Professional Scrum Master class taught by Joshua was really efficient and lively. He brings the spirit of Scrum to the class since the beginning. He could answer all questions in a professional way. Very recommended to be your coach for taking Scrum courses.
Aditya Wirawan from Jakarta, Indonesia attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I came to the class conducted by Joshua last week with a skeptical mind as I’ve seen a lot of instances where Agile Scrum easily being misused and waiting for this to question the quality and reliability of Scrum. Most of us looking for theoretical and practical in Agile Scrum, but Joshua nailed it with even bigger than that. Something that last longer to the attendees and it’s a self-realization and beliefs. Scrum is not a methodologies, processes or best practices. It’s a framework that really fits into the current software development world where self-organization, creativity and innovation is more important than ever. Being innovative or being in Agile Scrum takes courage. I believe a stagnant status-quo will be wiped out very soon in Southeast Asia. And I thought the training was simply brilliant. Thanks Josh! Scrum on!
Fairul Rizal from Malaysia attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I attended a 2-day Professional Scrum Master course given by Joshua during the fall of 2012. It was inspiring and brought me to betterment.
He is professional, passionate, and personable, in- and outside of the classroom.
Yuen-Chi Lian from Malaysia attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joshua is a highly motivated Scrum coach with a strong belief in the power of Scrum. He has helped many organizations adopt Scrum. His training skills are exceptional, because he really drives technical number-centric people like myself who are very old-school project management to be creative and engages his students in highly constructive discussions that make you realize the importance of Scrum and how you can apply it with your projects(especially those projects where users don’t have clear constant requirements to start off with). He provides excellent challenging case studies and scenarios during his workshops, and guides you and your team to stay within the Scrum framework, and come up with the best transparent, courageous and creative solution which you can commit to.
Joshua conducts hands-on, training workshops and encourages thinking outside the box and helping project managers to adopt Scrum and try their best to convince their management of the benefits of adopting scrum and empowering their development teams. Since Scrum is a bottom-up process and a new framework which is the most popular Agile tool for software development, I highly recommended everyone who is interested in learning Scrum to take a course with Joshua.
Rima Daoud from Beirut, Lebanon attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Dubai, UAE

I attended the Professional Scrum Master course conducted by Joshua in April 2013 at Dubai.
Joshua’s 2 day sprint was really a breeze to attend. He in-fact showed us by example how to play the role of a Scrum Master. By facilitating healthy discussions, he helped us to derive the answers. In-fact, this is what a Scrum Master does best. He knows that, we the “Development Team” in this case had at-least 10+ years of experience in managing Projects.
His job, which he very smoothly executed was to Facilitate our open discussion and help us realize that Knowledge workers need not be commanded or controlled. For a defined goal, they will come up with the best approach.
I would whole-heartedly recommend Joshua’s course to anyone interested in learning the fine art & science of being a Scrum Master :-)
Nihas Abdul Rahman, PMP, PSM from India attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Dubai, UAE

I have attended Joshua’s Scrum Master Training sessions, he is trustworthy, consistent and reliable in delivering it.
His approach is more of inventive, out-of-the-box ideas and implementation.
I would like to recommend him for Scrum professional training.
PardhaSaradhi Chelikani from Singapore attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Singapore

During my recent Professional Scrum Master training, Joshua helped me better comprehend how Scrum framework can pushed organization and its people be better at developing complex software. His knowledge and professional insights dispelled some myths and misunderstanding about my understanding and practice of Scrum.
Leo Laksmana from Jakarta, Indonesia attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Singapore

An effective and very knowledgeable trainer. His creative ways of making the class interactive helped us not just learn the concepts but also opened our minds to better understand the true meaning of Scrum. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer!
Darnell Carino from Philippines attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Dubai, UAE

I was fortunate to have a chance to attend Joshua’s Scrum Master course in Bangalore,India. Joshua is highly motivated Scrum Coach.He makes you realize when and how Scrum can be applied for Projects,in simple and interactive way.
Well thought case studies and discussions force you to think out of the box. He is a real Master,has great patience and tact to answer every question.
I would recommend Joshua’s course to anyone willing to understand Scrum.
Mayuri Gandhi from Pune, India attended Professional Scrum Master Course in Bangalore, India

I attended a two days Professional Scrum Foundations training given by Joshua. He taught us the concepts in an interactive and innovative way. By the end of the course not only we gained practical experience, but he also helped us to draft a strategy for applying Scrum in our team. A truly rewarding experience.
Robin Dorpe from Hong Kong attended Professional Scrum Foudations Course in Hong Kong, China

I attended Joshua’s training without knowing much about Scrum, thus, without much expectation. However, throughout the training, Joshua’s passion and belief towards Scrum were clearly demonstrated through his coaching and mentoring. His training was lively and there were a lot of interactive sessions. At the end of the training, I discovered so much about Scrum and I couldn’t wait to introduce this framework to my team. Joshua is just great and wonderful. I would highly recommend him as a Scrum trainer. Two thumbs up for him!
Tau Wei from Malaysia attended Professional Scrum Master Course and Professional Scrum Developer Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joshua delivered the best Scrum training we ever had – literally every single minute was worth it. Extremely experienced, easy-going and just awesome, Joshua’s ability to deliver’s Professional Scrum Developer course using Ruby is unparalleled. Moreover, he’s the only trainer worldwide qualified to do so right now. Here’s a tip for you: train with Joshua!
Ronald Tse from Hong Kong attended Professional Developer Course in Hong Kong, China

I had the pleasure to attend to one of Joshuas Scrum Master trainings in Manila. Not only did we learn a lot, we also had a great time with lots of laughter. Joshuas teaching style matches what you expect from a great Scrum coach. He brings out the best of every one and truly emphasize learning by doing. By the end of the training we were not just a well-trained self-organizing team we were also a group of friends that happen to meet over a shared interest, getting certified as Scrum Masters.
Magnus Huglen from Sweden attended Professional Master Course in Manila, Philippines

I’ve attended his PSM training recently and was enlightened by his sharing on the techniques in getting people to adopt to change. He tailored the training according to the audience’s Agile knowledge & workplace background on Scrum practices. This helps tremendously in providing a few fresh alternatives/approach on how we facilitate our scrum teams.
Alvin Lee from Penang attended Professional Master Course in Penang, Malaysia

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February 16-17 Hanoi, Vietnam Professional Scrum Foundations
February 20-21 Manila, Philippines Professional Scrum Master
February 23-24 Singapore, Singapore Professional Scrum Master
March 1-2 Bandung, Indonesia Professional Scrum Master