David Starr

David Starr

Location: Redmond, ID Certifications: PSD I, PSDT, PSM I, PSM II, PSMT, PSPO I, PSPO II
Affiliations: Microsoft MVP, Employee
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David Starr is a software professional and Chief Operating Officer of where he contributes to’s mission of improving the profession of software development. In his years of teaching and coaching Scrum, David has helped thousand of students and organizations thrive using Scrum to its full potential.

David has exhaustive experience using, leading, coaching, and teaching agile methods. He has served in numerous capacities, contexts, and companies within the technology industry and has been an early and consistent advocate for agile software development with Scrum.

He has successfully led product development and organizational transitions in numerous positions including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Software Architect, Director of Product Development, and as an independent consultant. 

David speaks at various international conferences, is a frequent guest on various podcasts, author of articles throughout the technology industry, and the founder of the blogging community He has served as a Visual Studio Program Manager at Microsoft and is a 5 time Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM.

He is certified to teach all curriculum, and is one of the few trainers able to evaluate trainer candidates.

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